Court Marriage Certificate Pakistan: How to Get Your Nikah Nama
Court Marriage Certificate Pakistan How to Get Your Nikah Nama

Court Marriage Certificate Pakistan: How to Get Your Nikah Nama

Court Marriage Certificate in Pakistan: What You Need to Know

What is a court marriage certificate in Pakistan? It’s actually just a Nikah Nama, or marriage certificate, that has been registered with the government. There is no separate certificate issued specifically for court marriages.

The court marriage process is actually quite simple. You and your partner will need to go to a lawyer’s chamber or other premises within the court complex. A Nikah Khuwan, or marriage registrar, will be present to solemnize the marriage. You will also need two witnesses.

The Nikah Khuwan will write up a Nikah Nama, which you and your partner will sign. The Nikah Khuwan will then register the Nikah Nama with the relevant Union Council or Cantonment Board. Once the Nikah Nama is registered, you will receive a copy of it.

This is your court marriage certificate. It is no different from a Nikah Nama that is issued for any other type of marriage.

Court Intervention in Court Marriage

The court does not directly interfere in the court marriage process. However, if the bride files a private complaint against her family members, the court may issue notices to the parties and take legal proceedings against the family members.

A private complaint is a type of legal action that can be filed by an individual against another person or group of people. In the context of court marriage, a bride may file a private complaint against her family members if she believes that they are unhappy with her marriage and have threatened or harmed her or her husband.

It is important to note that a private complaint should not be filed lightly. It is a serious legal matter and should only be filed if the bride has a genuine reason to believe that she or her husband is in danger.

What’s the difference between arranged marriage and court marriage in Pakistan?

Arranged marriages take place in the presence of many family members, either at home or in a wedding hall. Court marriages take place in the court complex, without many family members present. The marriage certificates issued for both types of marriages are the same.

What is the fee for court marriage?

The fee for court marriage varies depending on the lawyer you hire.

Is court marriage safe?

Yes, court marriage can be riskier than arranged marriage. In some cases, the family members of the bride may take adverse steps against the couple, such as registering a false FIR or even murder.

Should I get a court marriage?

If your parents are not willing to agree to your court marriage, it is best not to do it. Otherwise, it may upset them.

Who solemnizes a court marriage?

A court marriage is solemnized by Nikah Khuwan, who is a marriage registrar.

Who registers a court marriage?

A court marriage is registered in the Union Council or Cantonment Board office, just like any other marriage.

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