FIA Imposes Non-Disclosure on NADRA's Ballot Plot Transactions - Nadra Pakistan
FIA Imposes Non-Disclosure on NADRA's Ballot Plot Transactions

FIA Imposes Non-Disclosure on NADRA’s Ballot Plot Transactions

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has recently imposed a non-disclosure restriction on the recent plot transactions conducted through ballot by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) over the past year. The FIA’s inquiry has expanded to include 150 societies in this investigation.

Developments and Allegations: In a recent development, a significant number of affected individuals gathered around the offices of the Land and Rehabilitation Department of the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Allegations were made against CDA authorities, accusing them of manipulating the plot balloting process in violation of regulations to cause distress among the people. The FIA has subsequently taken charge of the investigation.

FIA’s Active Role: FIA officials are actively gathering data from the 150 societies implicated, making daily requests for information. Amber Gillani, Deputy Director General of Land and Rehabilitation, engaged with a delegation representing the affected individuals. During the meeting, she attentively listened to their concerns and deliberated on the matter with FIA officials.

Response and Commitment: In response to the grievances, Gillani requested two days from the affected individuals, assuring them that the FIA is committed to resolving the matter more effectively. The investigation is underway as FIA officials continue their data collection and analysis from the involved societies.

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