How Much Do NADRA Employees Earn? A Comprehensive Salary Breakdown
How Much Do NADRA Employees Earn

How Much Do NADRA Employees Earn? A Comprehensive Salary Breakdown

Curious about NADRA salaries? It’s tricky to pinpoint exact numbers because experience, qualifications, and job titles can play a big role. But based on what’s out there, here’s a general idea:

RoleSalary RangeDescription
Boss Roles
Director GeneralUp to PKR 3 million/yearTop leadership role
DirectorPKR 1-2 million/yearSenior leadership role
Assistant DirectorPKR 840K-2M/yearMid-level leadership role
Tech Geeks
System AnalystPKR 600K-1M/yearAnalyzing and designing system solutions
Software EngineerPKR 500K-800K/yearDeveloping software applications
Network EngineerPKR 400K-700K/yearManaging and maintaining network infrastructure
Common Roles
Registration OfficerPKR 300K-500K/yearHandling registration processes
Customer Service RepPKR 250K-400K/yearProviding customer support with a smile
Security GuardPKR 200K-300K/yearEnsuring safety and security
Legal OfficerPKR 800K-1.5M/yearEnsuring legal compliance and integrity
Finance OfficerPKR 400K-700K/yearManaging financial operations
Public Relations OfficerPKR 400K-700K/yearPromoting positive image and communication

Remember, these are just estimates, and your actual salary might be different. To know for sure, check out specific job postings or give NADRA a call!

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