Just Moved? Here's How to Update Your NADRA ID Card Address Effortlessly
How to Update Your NADRA ID Card Address

Moving to a new city? Updating your CNIC address just got easier! The National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) has launched a streamlined online process that saves you time and headaches. No more waiting in long lines or filling out mountains of paperwork. Now you can update your address on your CNIC in just a few clicks from the comfort of your own home!

Here’s how to get it done in a few quick steps:

1. Choose Your Updating Method:

Love the convenience of your phone? No problem! The Pak ID mobile app is your perfect partner. But if you prefer a personal touch, head to your nearest NADRA Registration Center.

2. Gather Your Documents:

Just one document is needed to prove your new address:

  • Rent agreement: Show your official lease document.
  • Utility bill: Any utility bill in your name or a family member living at the same address works.
  • Family member’s ID: If you’re living with family, their ID card with the same address can do the trick.

3. Submit Your Application:

Once you’re at the center or in the app, simply provide the required details and upload your chosen document.

4. Verification Process:

Relax! NADRA’s team will carefully review your application and document to ensure everything’s accurate.

5. Address Update Done!

After successful verification, your ID card will be updated with your new address. Boom!

Need More Help?

NADRA’s got you covered! Reach out to their Helpline at 051111786100 or visit their official website for further information.

Moving doesn’t have to mean a hassle. Update your NADRA ID card address today and enjoy peace of mind!

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