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NADRA Announces Updated Fee Structure for Family Registration Certificate (FRC)

NADRA Announces Updated Fee Structure for Family Registration Certificate (FRC)

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has implemented a revised fee structure for the Family Registration Certificate (FRC) effective from November 2023. This update aims to streamline the application process and ensure efficient service delivery to citizens seeking this essential document.

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What is the Family Registration Certificate (FRC)?

The FRC is a crucial document that provides comprehensive information about an individual’s family composition, including details related to birth, marriage, or adoption, registered with NADRA. It serves as a valuable proof of identity and family lineage.

Updated FRC Fee Structure

NADRA has simplified the fee structure by standardizing the charges for both the normal and executive categories of the FRC. The revised fee for obtaining the FRC is Rs. 1,000 for all categories.

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Three Categories of FRC: By Birth, By Marriage, and By Adoption

Applicants can apply for the FRC in three distinct categories based on the specific circumstances leading to the family formation:

  1. By Birth: The FRC obtained through this category will enlist the family members, including details of parents and siblings.
  2. By Marriage: This category produces a certificate that includes information about the spouse and children. If children are under 18 years of age, their presence during the application process is mandatory.
  3. By Adoption: For those who have adopted a child, the FRC will encompass details about the guardian and the adopted child, provided the child is less than 21 years of age.

Streamlined Application Process and Efficient Service Delivery

The revised fee structure and simplified application process are designed to enhance the overall experience for citizens seeking the FRC. NADRA is committed to providing efficient and accessible services to its constituents.


The updated FRC fee structure and streamlined application process reflect NADRA’s commitment to improving service delivery and providing essential documentation to its citizens. For further inquiries or to apply for the FRC, please visit the NADRA website or visit your nearest NADRA office.

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