NADRA B-Form Correction Guide

When your child is born, you have to register their birth. This is one of their fundamental rights. The NADRA CRC/B-Form is the official record of your child’s birth. Before you can register your child with NADRA, you need to get a birth certificate from the concerned Union Council.

Sometimes, NADRA may make mistakes when entering your child’s name, father’s name, or date of birth. Or, you may want to change your child’s name or any other detail on the form. You have the right to make these changes.

It is very important to make these changes because all other documents that you need in the future will use the information from the NADRA B-Form. Correcting any errors on the form will save you from a lot of trouble in the future.

Q: Can I fix a mistake on my B-Form online?

A: No, you can’t fix a mistake on your B-Form online. There’s no online portal for applying for the B-Form yet, and you can’t modify the birth certificate or NADRA B-Form online.

Q: Can I apply for the NADRA B-Form using the PAK ID App?

A: Yes, you can use the PAK ID App to apply for CNIC, NICOP, and FCR. However, you can’t apply for CRC through the PAK ID App.

Q: Is the NADRA CRC the same as a birth certificate?

A: No, the NADRA CRC and birth certificate are not the same. A CRC is issued by NADRA as proof of childbirth, while a birth certificate is issued by the concerned Union Council.

Q: Should I get a new birth certificate from UC to correct a mistake?

A: No, you should not get a new birth certificate from UC to correct a mistake. This will change the CRMS number, and NADRA won’t be able to fetch the data if CRMS is changed. If you want to correct a mistake on your birth certificate, always ask for a modified birth certificate with the same CRMS number.

Here is the easiest way to fix errors or make changes to your B-Form:

If you need to correct an error on your B-Form, you must first fix it on your birth certificate issued by the Union Council. To do this, simply go to the concerned UC and request a modification. You may need to provide an affidavit to the UC. Once you have the modified birth certificate, submit it to NADRA. You can call the NADRA office at 051-111-786-100 to get more information about the procedure, including the fee for modification and the time required for the changes.

Another way to correct errors on your B-Form is to file a lawsuit for modification and declaration under Section 42 of the Specific Relief Act, 1877, in the concerned civil court.

Here are the documents you will need to file a lawsuit:

  • The entire description and details of the plaintiff, including name, father’s name, place of birth, and date of birth as per the Birth Certificate issued by Union Council, along with all the academic certificates
  • CNIC of Father
  • CNIC of Mother
  • Union Council Birth Certificate
  • Two different witnesses

When you file a lawsuit, the civil court will issue a notice to NADRA. NADRA must then appear and submit a statement. The civil court will review the plaintiff’s evidence, including all the documents in favor of the plaintiff, and make a decision accordingly. Afterward, the court will announce its decision and direct NADRA to make the necessary corrections and modifications to the plaintiff’s B-Form.

If you don’t want to file a lawsuit, you can try to change the birth certificate issued by the UC. Once you have the modified birth certificate, go to the NADRA office and request modifications to your B-Form.

There is no online portal or other way to correct mistakes on your B-Form. The NADRA PAK ID App also does not provide the option to make changes to your CRC.

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