NADRA Birth Certificate Sample and How to Apply Guide

What is a computerized birth certificate?

A computerized birth certificate is a document issued by a Union Council or Cantonment Board in Pakistan that contains information about a child’s birth, such as name of child, gender, date of birth, district of birth, religion, name of child’s parents and grandparents, and their CNIC numbers.

How is a computerized birth certificate different from a manual birth certificate?

A computerized birth certificate is issued electronically and is more secure than a manual birth certificate. It is also easier to read and verify.

Who issues computerized birth certificates?

Union Councils and Cantonment Boards issue computerized birth certificates. NADRA does not issue computerized birth certificates.

What information is on a computerized birth certificate?

A computerized birth certificate contains the following information:

  • Name of child
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • District of birth
  • Religion
  • Name of child’s father
  • Nationality of child’s father
  • CNIC number of child’s father
  • Name of child’s mother
  • Nationality of child’s mother
  • CNIC number of child’s mother
  • Name of child’s grandfather
  • CNIC number of child’s grandfather
  • Address of parents
  • Name of applicant who applied for birth certificate
  • Relation of applicant with child
  • Date of entry and date of issue of birth certificate

Sample of Birth Certificate in Pakistan

Following is the sample of Computerized Birth Certificate / Computerized Birth Registration Certificate NADRA / Birth Registration Certificate. 

NADRA Birth Certificate | Sample

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