Apply Online Now! How to Get Your NADRA Polio Certificate Online in Pakistan
How to Get Your NADRA Polio Certificate Online in Pakistan

This document from the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) shows you’ve been vaccinated against polio, a vital step for protecting yourself and your community. Here’s the scoop:

Why get it?

  • Travel Smoothly: Fly into countries requiring polio shots without a hitch!
  • Track Progress: Help Pakistan’s fight against polio by showing you’re part of the solution.
  • Keep Records Handy: Always have your vaccination history readily available.

What’s on it?

  • Your name, CNIC number, and birth date.
  • Polio and other relevant vaccination dates.
  • Secure and unique ID features for verification.
  • Available online for easy download

Ways to Get a NADRA Polio Certificate Online

Need proof of your polio vaccination for travel? Get your official NADRA certificate easily!

Option 1: The NIMS Portal

  1. Head to this website:
  2. Click on “Issuance of Immunization Certificate.”
  3. Choose “Polio/Yellow Fever” from the options.
  4. Enter your CNIC/PoR number and the date it was issued.
  5. If you’re a CRC holder, let them know by checking the box.
  6. Type in the security code and click “Continue.”
  7. Double-check your info, pick your payment method (debit/credit card or eSahulat), and pay the Rs. 100 fee.
  8. That’s it! Now you can download your certificate.

Option 2: The Pak Vaccination Pass App

  1. Download the app on your phone (it’s available for both Android and iOS).
  2. Register using your phone number and CNIC.
  3. Select “Download Vaccination Certificate.”
  4. Choose “Polio/Yellow Fever.”
  5. Look over your info to make sure it’s all correct.
  6. Pay the Rs. 100 fee through the app.
  7. Your certificate is ready to download!

Whichever method you choose, getting your certificate is a breeze!

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