Apply Online Now! Instant Online Criminal Record Check in Pakistan (CNIC Required)
Online Criminal Record Check

Instant Online Criminal Record Check in Pakistan (CNIC Required)

Spying on someone’s criminal record? Hold your horses, it’s not exactly legal in Pakistan. Peeking at someone’s past without their permission is a big no-no in many places, including our backyard. Why? Because their criminal history is private, and rightfully so.

But wait, there are legitimate reasons to check someone’s record, like for a job or a court case. In those situations, you gotta play by the rules. In Pakistan, that means getting the green light from the person or having a legal reason to peek.

Getting a police clearance certificate (PCC), also known as a character certificate, is a simple process in Pakistan. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it, whether you’re in Pakistan or abroad:

If you’re in Pakistan:

  1. Visit your nearest police station.
  2. Bring these documents:
    • Application form
    • Four (04) new passport-sized photos
    • CNIC/NICOP or Pakistani machine-readable passport (original and photocopy)
  3. Fill out the form and get it certified by the Attendance Department of the High Commissioner of Pakistan in London. (Click here for certification times.)
  4. Allow 3-5 months or more for processing.

If you’re outside Pakistan:

  1. Authorize a family member in Pakistan to apply on your behalf. (Click here for a letter of authority template.)
  2. Get an Appointment and Letter of Certification (AL) from a Pakistani mission near you.
  3. Bring a valid Pakistani ID (passport or CNIC) and a letter of authority (original and photocopy) to the High Commission for certification.
  4. Send the certified letter of authority to your family member in Pakistan. They’ll process the police check at the relevant police station.
  5. Once the police check is done, have it certified by the Foreign Office or regional office before it’s sent back to you.
  6. Have your PCC attested by the High Commission before showing it to local authorities in your country.

Checking Criminal History with the Pehchaan App

For citizens of Punjab, a new app called “Pehchaan” makes it even easier to check criminal records. It’s designed to help people verify the backgrounds of potential domestic workers or servants. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the Pehchaan app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Enter the person’s CNIC number.
  3. The app will instantly display their criminal record information, if any.

The Pehchaan app is currently available in Lahore and will be expanded to other cities in Punjab soon.

Remember, rules are important. Different areas in Pakistan might have slightly different ways of doing things, so always check with your local authorities for the latest info. And hey, treat everyone’s personal information with respect, especially sensitive stuff like criminal records.

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