PTI Candidates for National Assembly 2024: Complete list with names
PTI Candidates for National Assembly

In the countdown to Pakistan’s upcoming general elections, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has disclosed its candidates for numerous constituencies across the National and provincial assemblies. Despite this, finalizing candidate names has hit obstacles in a few regions, leaving specific constituencies without PTI representation.

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The PTI is actively fielding candidates in 255 constituencies of the national assembly, displaying robust participation in the electoral process. Nevertheless, eight out of the sixty-two constituencies of the National Assembly still await the confirmation of PTI candidates.

As we gear up for the election season, the challenge of settling on candidates persists, showcasing the intricacies of Pakistan’s diverse political landscape. The upcoming days hold significance for political parties to fortify their presence in vital constituencies and present a comprehensive roster of candidates to the electorate.

The uncertainty surrounding PTI candidates in certain constituencies raises questions about the party’s strategy and its potential impact on the electoral dynamics in those regions. The ever-changing political landscape is poised for further developments as parties navigate the complexities of candidate selection in the lead-up to the elections.

In certain instances, PTI candidates are opting for independent symbols, withdrawing PTI-N tickets. This dynamic shift reflects the evolving strategies of candidates as they adapt to the challenges presented by the election season.

The absence of PTI candidates in specific constituencies not only questions the party’s strategy but also prompts contemplation on its potential influence on the electoral dynamics of those regions. The intricate process of candidate selection continues to unfold, shaping the political landscape as parties grapple with these challenges in the run-up to the elections.

The evolving political scenario is sure to witness further developments as parties navigate the intricacies of candidate selection. Stay tuned for updates on the unfolding electoral dynamics.

Here is the complete list of candidates vying for national assembly seats;

PTI Election candidates from Lahore 

  • NA-117 – Lahore I – Yet to Announce
  • NA-118  – Lahore II – Aliya Hamza
  • NA-119 – Lahore III – Yet to announce
  • NA-120 – Lahore IV – Yet to announce
  • NA-121 – Lahore V – Wasim Qadri
  • NA-122 – Lahore VI – Latif Khosa
  • NA-123 – Lahore VII – Afzal Azeem Pahat Advocate
  • NA-124 – Lahore VIII – Zameer Jedhu Advocate
  • NA-125 – Lahore IX – Yet to announce
  • NA-126 – Lahore X – Malik Karamat Khokhar
  • NA-127 – Lahore XI – Zaheer Abbas Khokhar
  • NA-128 – Lahore XII – Salman Akram Raja Advocate
  • NA-129 – Lahore XIII – Mian Azhar
  • NA-130 – Lahore XIV – Dr Yasmin Rashid

PTI Election candidates from Islamabad

  • NA-46 – ICT I – Amir Maqsood Mughal
  • NA-47 – ICT II – Shoaib Shaheen
  • NA-48 – ICT III – Ali Bukhari

PTI Election candidates from Rawalpindi

  • NA-52 – Rawalpindi I – Tariq Aziz Bhatti Advocate
  • NA-53 – Rawalpindi II – Col. Ajmal Sabir
  • NA-54 – Rawalpindi III – Malik Taimoor Masood
  • NA-55 – Rawalpindi IV – Raja Basharat
  • NA-56 – Rawalpindi V – Shahryar Riaz
  • NA-57 – Rawalpindi VI – Seemabia Tahir

PTI Election candidates from Multan

  • NA-151 – Multan IV – Shah Mahmood Qureshi/Meher Bano Qureshi
  • NA-152 – Multan V – Ibrahim Khan/Imran Shoukat
  • NA-153 – Multan VI – Dr Riaz Lang

PTI Election candidates from Karachi


  • Wali Muhammad Mugheri from NA-229 (Malir-I)
  • Dr. Masroor Sial from NA-230 (Malir-II)
  • Khalid Mehmood Ali from NA-231 (Malir-III)


  • Haleem Adil Sheikh from NA-232 (Korangi-I)
  • Advocate Haris Meo from NA-233 (Korangi-II)
  • Faheem Khan from NA-234 (Korangi-III)


  • Dawa Khan from NA-242 (Keamari-I)
  • Advocate Shujaat Ali Khan from NA-243 (Keamari-II)

District East

  • Saifur Rahman from from NA-235 (East-I)
  • Muhammad Alamgir Khan from NA-236 (East-II)
  • Advocate Zahoor Mehsud from NA-237 (East-III)
  • Haleem Haleem Adil Shaikh NA-238 (East-IV)

District South

  • Yasir Baloch from NA-239 (South-I)
  • Ramzan Ghanchi from NA-240 (South-II)
  • Khurram Sher Zaman is from NA-241 (South-III)

District West

  • Aftab Jahangir from From NA-244 (West-I)
  • Attaullah Khan NA 245-(West-II)
  • Malik Arif Awan from NA-246 (West-III)

District Central

  • Tabish Taufeeq from NA-247 (Central-I)
  • Arslan Khalid from NA-248 (Central-II)
  • Barrister Uzair Ghauri from NA-249 (Central-III)
  • Riaz Haider from NA-250 (Central-IV)

PTI candidates from Gujranwala 

  • NA-77 – Gujranwala I – Pending
  • NA-78 – Gujranwala II – Pending
  • NA-79 – Gujranwala III – Pending
  • NA-80 – Gujranwala IV – Pending
  • NA-81- Gujranwala V – Bilal Ijaz

PTI candidates from Faisalabad

  • NA-95 – Faisalabad I – Ali Afzal Sahi
  • NA-96 – Faisalabad II – Rai Haider Kharal
  • NA-97 – Faisalabad III – Pending
  • NA-98 – Faisalabad IV – Iftikhar Rasool Ghumman
  • NA-99 – Faisalabad V – Malik Umar Farooq
  • NA-100 – Faisalabad VI – Dr Nisar Jutt Nasir
  • NA-101 – Faisalabad VII – Pending
  • NA-102 – Faisalabad VIII – Pending
  • NA-103 – Faisalabad IX – Ali Sarfaraz
  • NA-104  – Faisalabad X – Sahibzada Hamid Raza

PTI candidates from Peshawar

  • Chairman Gohar Ali Khan from NA-10 Buner
  • Sajid Nawaz from NA-28
  • Arbab Amir Ayub from NA-29
  • Mahmood Jan from PK-72
  • Advocate Ali Zaman from PK-73
  • Malik Shahab from PK-75
  • Samiullah, and Sher Ali Afridi PK-76 and PK-77
  • Arbab Asim from PK-78
  • Taimur Saleem Jhagra from PK-79
  • Hamidul Haque from PK-80
  • Noreen Arif PK-81
  • Kamran Bangash from PK-82
  • Meena Khan Afridi from PK-83
  • Fazal Elahi from PK-84

PTI candidates from Rahim Yar Khan

  • NA-169 – Rahim Yar Khan I – Raja Saleem
  • NA-170 – Rahim Yar Khan II – Mian Ghous
  • NA-171 – Rahim Yar Khan III – Mumtaz Mustafa Advocate
  • NA-172 – Rahim Yar Khan IV – Mrs Qamar Javed Warraich
  • NA-173 – Rahim Yar Khan V – Barrister Nabeel Daar
  • NA-174 – Rahim Yar Khan VI – Raees Mehboob

PTI candidates from Quetta

  • NA-262 – Quetta I – Saifullah Kakar
  • NA-263 – Quetta II – Salar Khan Kakar
  • NA-264 – Quetta III – Zain ul Abidin Khilji

PTI Candidates for Elections 2024 Full List

NA-1ChitralAbdul Latif
NA-2Swat-IDr. Amjad
NA-3Swat-IISaleem ur Rehman
NA-4Swat-IIIMurad Saeed, and Kamal Khan Advocate
NA-5Upper DirSibghatullah
NA-6Lower Dir-IMehboob Shah
NA-7Lower Dir-IIBashir Khan
NA-8BajaurGuldad Khan
NA-9MalakandJunaid Akbar
NA-10BunerBarrister Gohar Ali Khan
NA-11ShanglaNawaz Khan
NA-12KohistanGhulam Saeed
NA-13BattagramNawaz Khan
NA-14Mansehra – IImran Saleem
NA-15Maneshra – IIGustasif Khan
NA-16Abbottabad-IAli Asghar Khan
NA-17Abbottabad-IIAli Khan Jadoon
NA-18HaripurOmar Ayub Khan
NA-19Swabi-IAsad Qaiser
NA-20Swabi-llShahram Tarakai
NA-21Mardan-lMujahid Khan
NA-22Mardan-llMuhammad Atif
NA-23Mardan-lllAli Muhammad Khan
NA-24Charsadda-lAnwar Taj
NA-25Charsadda-llFazal Muhammad Khan
NA-26MohmandSajid Khan
NA-27KhyberIqbal Afridi
NA-28Peshawar-lSajid Nawaz Khan
NA-29Peshawar-llArbab Amir Ayub
NA-30Peshawar-lllShandana Gulzar
NA-31Peshawar-lVArbab Sher Ali
NA-32Peshawar-VAsif Khan
NA-33Nowshera-lShahid Ahad Khattak
NA-35KohatShahriyar Afridi
NA-36Hangu/OrakzaiYousif Khan
NA-37KurramLuqman Khan
NA-38KarakShahid Ahmad Khattak
NA-39BannuMaulana Naseem Shah
NA-40North WaziristanAurangzeb Khan
NA-41Lakki MarwatSher Afzal Marwat
NA-42South WaziristanZubair Khan Wazir
NA-43Tank/Dera Ismail KhanBadshah Khan
NA-44Dera Ismail Khan-lAli Amin Gandapur
NA-45Dera Ismail Khan-llShoaib Khan Miankhel
NA-46ICT-lAamir Masood Mughal
NA-47ICT-llShoaib Shaheen
NA-48ICT-lllAli Bukhari
NA-49Attock-lTahir Sadiq
NA-50Attock-llEman Tahir
NA-51MurreeMaj. Latasab Satti
NA-52Rawalpindi-lTariq Aziz Bhatti Advocate
NA-53Rawalpindi-llCol. Ajmal Sabir
NA-54Rawalpindi-lllMalik Taimoor Masood
NA-55Rawalpindi-lVRaja Basharat
NA-56Rawalpindi-VShahriyar Riaz
NA-57Rawalpindi-VlSeemabia Tahir
NA-58ChakwalAyaz Amir
NA-59Talagang cum ChakwalMuhammad Ruman Ahmad
NA-60Jhelum-lHassan Adeel Advocate
NA-61Jhelum-llGhulam Mustafa Kandwal
NA-62Gujrat-lChaudhary Ilyas
NA-63Gujrat-llSajid Yousaf
NA-64Gujrat-lllRana Abbas
NA-65Gujrat-lVYet to announce
NA-66WazirabadMuhammad Ahmed Chattha
NA-67HafizabadShaukat Bhatti
NA-68M.B.Din-lHaji Imtiaz
NA-69M.B.Din-llYet to announce 
NA-70Sialkot-lMubashar Awan Advocate
NA-71Sialkot-llRehana Imtiaz Dar
NA-72Sialkot-lllAmjad Ali Bajwa
NA-73Sialkot-IVAli Asjid Malhi
NA-74Sialkot-VYet to announce 
NA-75Narowal-lDr. Tahir Ali Javed
NA-76Narowal-llCol. Javed Kholoon
NA-77Gujranwala-lYet to announce 
NA-78Gujranwala-llYet to announce 
NA-79Gujranwala-lllYet to announce 
NA-80Gujranwala-lVYet to announce 
NA-81Gujranwala-VBilal Ejaz
NA-82Sargodha-lYet to announce 
NA-83Sargodha-llOsama Maila
NA-84Sargodha-lllShafqat Awan Advocate
NA-85Sargodha-lVKhudada Kalyar advocate
NA-86Sargodha-VMiandad Shafqat Baloch
NA-87Khushab-lMalik Omar Aslam
NA-88Khushab-llAkram Niazi Advocate
NA-89Mianwali-lJamal Ahsan Khan
NA-90Mianwali-llUmair Khan Niazi
NA-91Bhakkar-lSanaullah Mastikhel
NA-92Bhakkar-llAli Abbas Bukhari
NA-93Chiniot-lGhulam Muhammad Lalli
NA-94Chiniot-llYet to announce 
NA-95Faisalabad-lAli Afzal Sahi
NA-96Faisalabad-llRai Haider Kharal
NA-97Faisalabad-lllYet to announce 
NA-98Faisalabad-lVIftikhar Rasool Ghumman
NA-99Faisalabad-VMalik Umar Farooq
NA-100Faisalabad-VlDr. Nisar Jutt
NA-101Faisalabad-VllYet to announce 
NA-102Faisalabad-VlllYet to announce 
NA-103Faisalabad-lXAli Sarfaraz
NA-104Faisalabad-XSahibzada Hamid Raza
NA-105T.T.Singh-lYet to announce 
NA-106T.T.Singh-llKhalid Nawaz Sudharich
NA-107T.T.Singh-lllRiyaz Fatyana
NA-108Jhang-lSahibzada Mehboob Sultan
NA-109Jhang-llSheikh Waqas Akram
NA-110Jhang-lllSahibzada Ahmed Sultan
NA-111Nankana Sahib-lYet to announce 
NA-112Nankana Sahib-llBrig Ejaz Shah
NA-113Sheikhupura-lBrig Rahat Amanullah Bhatti
NA-114Sheikhupura-llAli Asghar Manda
NA-115Sheikhupura-lllYet to announce 
NA-116Sheikhupura-lVKhurram Munj
NA-117Lahore-lYet to announce 
NA-118Lahore-llAliya Hamza
NA-119Lahore-lllYet to announce 
NA-120Lahore-lVYet to announce 
NA-121Lahore-VWasim Qadir
NA-122Lahore-VlLatif Khosa
NA-123Lahore-VllAfzaal Azeem Pahat Advocate
NA-124Lahore-VlllZameer Jedhu Advocate
NA-125Lahore-IXYet to announce 
NA-126Lahore-XMalik Karamat Khokhar
NA-127Lahore-XlZaheer Abbas Khokhar
NA-128Lahore-XllSalman Akram Raja Advocate
NA-129Lahore-XlllMian Azhar
NA-130Lahore-XlVDr. Yasmeen Rashid
NA-131Kasur-lYet to announce 
NA-132Kasur-llYet to announce 
NA-133Kasur-lllDr. Azeem Zahid Lakhvi
NA-134Kasur-lVSidra Faisal
NA-135Okara-lMalik Akram Bhatti
NA-136Okara-llAbdullah Tahir
NA-137Okara-lllSyed Raza Ali Gilani
NA-138Okara-IVMian Arshad Ali Khan Mayo
NA-139Pakpattan-lRao Umar Hashim
NA-140Pakpattan-llYet to announce 
NA-141Sahiwal-lRana Aamir Shahzad
NA-142Sahiwal-llYet to announce 
NA-143Sahiwal-lllRai Murtaza Iqbal
NA-147Khanewal-lVMian Naveed Jahania
NA-148Multan-lBarrister Taimur Malik
NA-149Multan-llMalik Amir Dogar
NA-150Multan-lllZain Qureshi
NA-151Multan-lVShah Mehmood Qureshi/Mehar BanoQureshi
NA-152Multan-VIbrahim Khan/Imran Shaukat
NA-153Multan-VlDr. Riaz Lang
NA-154Lodhran-lRana Faraz Ahmad Noon
NA-155Lodhran-llPir Iqbal Shah
NA-156Vehari-lAyesha Nazir Jutt
NA-157Vehari-llEjaz Bandeshia
NA-158Vehari-lllTahir Iqbal Ch
NA-159Vehari-lVAurangzeb Khichi
NA-160Bahawalnagar-lDr. Noor Ghafari
NA-161Bahawalnagar-llImtiaz Alam Gilani
NA-162Bahawalnagar-lllCh Khalil Arain
NA-163Bahawalnagar-lVShoukar Basra/Talat Mehmood Basra
NA-164Bahawalpur-lIjaz Ghaddan
NA-165Bahawalpur-llBasharat Randhawa
NA-166Bahawalpur-lllKanwal Shauzab
NA-167Bahawalpur-lVMalik Mehboob Ahmed
NA-168Bahawalpur-VSami Ullah Ch.
NA-169Rahim Yar Khan-lRaja Saleem
NA-170Rahim Yar Khan-llMian Ghous
NA-171Rahim Yar Khan-lllMumtaz Mustafa Advocate
NA-172Rahim Yar Khan-lVMrs. Qamar Javed Waraich
NA-173Rahim Yar Khan-VBarrister Nabeel Dharr
NA-174Rahim Yar Khan-VlRaees Mehboob
NA-175Muzaffargarh-lJamshaid Dasti
NA-176Muzaffargarh-llMrs. Humaira Ahmad Khan
NA-177Muzaffargarh-lllMoazam Jatoi
NA-178Muzaffargarh-lVDawood Jatoi
NA-179Kot Addu-lShabbir Qureshi
NA-180Kot Addu-llMian Fayaz Chajra
NA-181Layyah-lMrs. Amber Majeed Niazi
NA-182Layyah-llAwais Haider Jhakar
NA-183TaunsaKhwaja Sheraz Mehmood
NA-184D.G.Khan-lAli Muhammad Khalul
NA-185D.G.Khan-llZartaj Gul Wazir
NA-187Rajanpur-lAtif Ali Khan Dhreshak
NA-188Rajanpur-llAhmed Ali Khan Dhreshak
NA-189Rajanpur-lllZahid Mehmood Mazari
NA-191Jacobabad-Cum-KashmoreShah Ali Domki
NA-192Kashmore-Cum-ShikarpurMuhammad Alam Bajarani
NA-193ShikarpurAdvocate Aftab Somro
NA-194Larkana-lSaif Ullah Abro
NA-195Larkana-llQazi Manzoor Ahmed
NA-196Kamber Shahdadkot-lHabibullah
NA-197Kamber Shahdadkot-llNaheed Khawar
NA-198Ghotki-lAbdul Sattar Samoon
NA-200Sukkur-lGohar Khoso
NA-201Sukkur-llSattar Chachar
NA-202Khairpur-lAmbareen Malik
NA-203Khairpur-llJameel Ahmed Lund
NA-204Khairpur-lllSyed Niaz Shah
NA-205Naushahro Feroze-lPENDING
NA-206Naushahro Feroze-llAmanullah
NA-207Shaheed Benazirabad-lSardar Sher Muhammad Rind Baloch
NA-208Shaheed Benazirabad-llGul Muhammad Rind
NA-209Sanghar-lHameeda Shah
NA-211Mirpurkhas-lRaja Abdul Haque
NA-212Mirpurkhas-llSyed Mumtaz Shah
NA-213UmerkotLalchand Malhi
NA-214Tharparkar-lMakhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi
NA-215Tharparkar-llMehar u Nisa Baloch
NA-216MatiariNazish Bhatti
NA-217Tando AllahyarRozina Bhutto
NA-218Hyderabad-lMuhram Khan
NA-219Hyderabad-llMustansir Billah
NA-220Hyderabad-lllFaisal Mughal
NA-221Tando Muhammad KhanMuhammad Irfan
NA-222Badin-lShah Nawaz
NA-223Badin-llAzizullah Dero
NA-224SajawalMumtaz Ali Shah
NA-225ThattaSyed Jameel Ahmed Shah Bukhari
NA-226JamshoroAbdul Hakeem Chandio
NA-227Dadu-lShabana Nawab
NA-228Dadu-llMadad Ali Sodhar
NA-229Malir-lWali Muhammad Mugheri
NA-230Malir-llDr Masroor Sial
NA-231Malir-lllKhalid Mehmood Ali
NA-232Karachi Korangi-lAleem Adil Sheikh
NA-233Karachi Korangi-llAdvocate Haris Meo
NA-234Karachi Korangi-lllFaheem Khan
NA-235Karachi East-lSaif ur Rehman
NA-236Karachi East-llMuhammad Alamgir Khan
NA-237Karachi East-lllAdvocate Zahoor Mehsud
NA-238Karachi East-lVHaleem Adil Sheikh
NA-239Karachi South-lYasir Balochs
NA-240Karachi South-llRamzan Ghachi
NA-241Karachi South-lllKhurram Sher Zaman
NA-242Karachi Keamari-lDawa Khan
NA-243Karachi Keamari-llAdvocate Shujaat Ali Khan
NA-244Karachi West-lAftab Jahangir
NA-245Karachi West-llAtaullah Khan
NA-246Karachi West-lllMalik Arif Awan
NA-247Karachi Central-lPENDING
NA-248Karachi Central-llArslan Khalid
NA-249Karachi Central-lllBarrister Uzair Ghouri
NA-250Karachi Central-lVRiaz Hyder
NA-251SheraniNawabzada Amin Jogezai
NA-252Musa KhailSardar Babar Musakhel
NA-253ZiaratSaddam Tareen
NA-254Jhal MagsiPir Bux Jamoot
NA-255Sohbat PurArif Rind
NA-257Hub-cum-LasbelaMir Ali ahmad Zehri
NA-258Panjgur-cum-KechSardar Baber Khan Musakhail
 NA-259 Kech-cum-GwadarSardar Akbar Tarin
NA-260ChagaiGhulam Qadir Sanjrani
NA-262Quetta-lSaif Ullah Kakar
NA-263Quetta-llSalar Khan Kakar
NA-264Quetta-lllZain ul abidin Khilji
NA-265 PishinSyed Zahoor Agha
 NA-266 Killa AbdullahMalak Muhammad Asmat Kakar

The former ruling party has picked top candidates for interesting election campaign in KP, comprising together a diverse group of candidates strategically.

As the political events are disclosed, all eyes will be on these individuals to see how well they navigate the electoral challenges and connect with voters.

Feb 8 elections promise to be competitive, with Imran Khan’s party presenting a lineup that includes experienced politicians and rising leaders.

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