Apply Online Now! How to Apply for Passport in Pakistan: Easy Online Guide
How to Apply for Passport in Pakistan Easy Online Guide

This guide outlines the process of applying for a passport in Pakistan, both through the online portal and by visiting a regional passport office (RPO).

Step 1: Understanding the Types of Passports

There are three types of passports issued in Pakistan:

  • Ordinary Passport: This is the most common type, used for regular travel. It has a green cover and is valid for either five or ten years.
  • Diplomatic Passport: This type of passport is issued to diplomats and government officials on official duty. It has a red cover and is valid for five years.
  • Official Passport: This type of passport is issued to government officials for official travel. It has a navy blue cover and is valid for five years.

Step 2: Validity of Pakistani Passport

The validity of a Pakistani passport is either five or ten years, depending on the fee paid. You can renew your passport before it expires. Passports issued to children under 15 years of age have a standard validity of five years.

Step 3: Required Documents for Application

The required documents for a passport application vary depending on your age.

For applicants 18 years or older:

  • Bank challan receipt of the application fee
  • CNIC/NICOP with two photocopies
  • Old passport with a photocopy (if applicable)
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) for government servants
  • Foreign passport with a photocopy (for dual nationals)

For applicants under 18 years:

  • Bank challan receipt
  • CRC/B-form with two photocopies
  • Photocopies of parents’ CNICs
  • Foreign passport with a photocopy (for dual nationals)

Step 4: Applying for a Passport

Online Application:

  • The online portal is primarily used for passport renewal.
  • Visit the official website:
  • Click on “Apply” and select “Renewal.”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and submit your application.

Application Through Regional Passport Office (RPO):

  • Visit the nearest RPO.
  • Head to the Customer Service Counter and receive a token.
  • Follow instructions at the Photograph Counter, Biometric Data Counter, and Data Entry Counter.
  • Verify official records.
  • Attend an interview with the Assistant Director.
  • Collect your passport within the specified timeline.

Step 5: E-Passport Fee

The fee structure for e-passports varies based on validity and urgency:

  • 5 Years Validity: PKR 9000 (Normal), PKR 15000 (Urgent)
  • 10 Years Validity: PKR 13500 (Normal), PKR 22500 (Urgent)

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