Online Arms License Management

Punjab Arms License Management System: NOW Apply, Renew, Transfer Online!

Big news for gun owners in Punjab! Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi just launched the “Punjab arms license management system,” a game-changer in getting and keeping your license in tip-top shape. No more endless lines and frustrating paperwork – go online for everything!

This news means you can finally apply for, renew, or even transfer your license to someone else, all with a few clicks. No more running between offices or dealing with delays. Chief Naqvi says it’ll tackle corruption that can happen with old-school systems.

Remember that recent ban on arms licenses in Sindh? Punjab’s going the opposite way, streamlining the process and making things easier for responsible gun owners. This move comes just after the Supreme Court asked for a report on handling weapons, so things are brewing in the firearms scene.

So, Punjab’s gun owners, rejoice! Say goodbye to endless forms and hello to a faster, more transparent way to manage your license. Get online and see how much easier it is to be a responsible gun owner in Punjab!

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